About me


  • Georgia Institute of Technology — B.S. Computer Science (current – May 2020)
  • Greens Farms Academy — Diploma with a concentration in STEAM (2012 – 2016)


  • Front-end UI — When IE6 isn't involved, I enjoy designing and implementing client-side user interfaces for both web applications and cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Server-side APIs and data processing — With a more consistent and powerful environment than the client-side, I also enjoy writing REST APIs and data processing applications in addition to maintaining and operating my own servers and stacks.
  • Robotics and embedded systems — I led software development for my high school's FIRST FTC robotics team for four years. I also have a great interest in embedded and time-critical systems especially in aircraft and terrestial vehicles. Over the summer of 2017, I interned at the RAIL Robotics Laboratory helping to develop a system for robots to learn directly from human demonstrations.
  • Cryptography and security — I have experience with OpenPGP, RSA and elliptic curve public-key cryptography systems, symmetric block cipher encryption modes, and password and data integrity hashing / HMACing. My team's 2016 submission to Georgia Tech's annual hackathon, HackGT, won a prize for best use of encryption.


  • Languages — HTML / CSS, JavaScript (and TypeScript), C#, Python, Java (familiarity with C++, PHP, and Rust)
  • Tools — Git, Visual Studio / Xamarin, Node.js / npm, Arduino, MATLAB, Nginx, Docker
  • Databases — Neo4j, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, RethinkDB
  • Operating Systems — Ubuntu / Debian Linux, Windows
  • German — Fluent at B2 level as certified by the Goethe Institute
  • French — Proficient


  • Sports — Baseball (go Yankees!), soccer (go Atlanta United and Bayen München!), skiing, and fencing.
  • Quadcopters — An interest carried over from a senior-year research project. I've built, flown, and tuned multiple quadcopters and am currently working on an onboard computer system for autonomous flight. Check out the custom PCB that I designed for this purpose!
  • Airsoft — Recently picked this up thanks to the friendly guys in the Georgia Tech Airsoft Club.
  • Photography — That's my hand-traced SVG image of a photo that I took of the Bank of America Building in Atlanta from Georgia Tech's campus at the top of the page.


Here are some quick statistics from my work on GitHub since joining in 2011 refreshed every 15 minutes from GitHub's API.

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  • 627 Commits across all projects
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